Over the course of the last two years Analog Path has evolved into one of the more consistent CD-R labels in a format that is constantly figuring out where it stands among other musical mediums, particularly vinyl, digital, and, of course, glass mastered CDs.  For its 14th release, the label looks back to its not so distant past and calls upon Shinobu Nemoto to deliver another set of quiet, creaky loop based compositions.  This time he houses it under his Dark Side of the Audio System moniker where wow and flutter become the predominate instruments after a few cycles elapse and your ears become familiar with the short piano phrases.  "Loop Collections 9" isn’t linear like the “Disintegration Loops" and it doesn’t become more distorted and abstracted with every pass.  Instead each revolution is seemingly new and unphased by what came before it, a fresh life given to downcast material. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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Coming Up Next! Stream Returner | Sparkling Wide Pressure

Stream Returner | Sparkling Wide Pressure
4 songs album. Soon!

Putting together cryptic visions

Making solid the dust around me
Like absorbing
in tenderness and in some kind of love

The solidity or nature
of forces around me
captured in a resonating field


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Summons Of Shinning Ruins.

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Television Dream Suite | L’air Mort Available Now!

Television Dream Suite | L’air Mort

 01 Television Dream Suite I (6:26)  02 Television Dream Suite II (5:34) 
03 Television Dream Suite III (7:47)  04 Television Dream Suite IV (5;34)
05 Television Dream Suite V (6:51)  06 Television Dream Suite VI (5:53)

L’air Mort | Television Dream Suite 6 track album. L’air Mort is the musical identity of three mysterious members all hailing from Terra Australis. Drawing from a diverse range of influences such as film soundtracks, found sounds, instrumentation and field recordings, their music weaves together a spectral haze of sound. Television Dream Suite is L’air Mort’s first outing; combining found sounds, degraded vinyl and cello into an album that recalls moments of modern classical composition, haunted soundtracks and electro acoustic experimentation.

$10 / ANALOGPATH015 / 2 photo card is included / cdr Limited 100